Friday, March 11, 2011


This is the first of what I know will be many postings. Welcome to "An Illustrative Body: The 112th Congress Illustrated". Over time, an illustrated caricature of every member of congress will appear on this blog, starting with the House of Representatives and leading into the United States Senate, in no particular order.

I have always enjoyed the spectator sport of politics, and of course I love drawing. After my first year long blog, Animals in Suits, I decided my next project should be based on another skill I am constantly trying to improve. In this case, that skill is caricature. I'm also hoping to promote an interest in folks to find out more about their public servants- to do their own research and be more aware of whats going on in the world.

This project is also a small tribute to one of my artistic heroes- Honore Daumier. Daumier himself was an illustrator and caricaturist in 19th century France who was a strong critic and commentator on the leaders of his time. He also produced a gallery of caricature busts of the politicians of his time- something I hope to emulate here.

I will be posting between 2 to 5 caricatures every day. Each is done using a very quick process of ink and marker. None of them takes longer then 30 minutes to produce. I will aim to post them in a fairly random manner, except in the case where a representative is in the news, at which point I think it would be more interesting to post them that day. The members are colored either red or blue for obvious reasons. ALL OF THE CARICATURES ARE SATIRICAL. By their very nature they are not flattering. A major point of this blog is experimentation in how to display the human face in an entertaining manner. This is entertainment and not to be confused with journalism. Please realize that while viewing the blog. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe even get a good chuckle from it!

Now, without further ado, Here are the first 10 congress members to be posted!


  1. What do you use for these? is it a brush pen? or just a sharpie? and is the marker prismacolor?

    These are all really nice, btw. Especially Post 6, David Schweikert and David Dreier.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I use multiple tools, but mostly microns and copic markers. The secret ingredient is the paper I use.