Monday, August 27, 2012

Post 136: Kristi Noem, Jeff Duncan, Tim Scott, Joe Wilson, James Langevin, Allyson Schwartz, Todd Platts, Mike Doyle, David Cicilline, Dan Boren, John Sullivan, Bob Gibbs, Tim Ryan, Betty Sutton, Steve LaTourette, Steve Stivers, Jim Renacci, Bill Shuster, Tom Marino, Lou Barletta, Mark Critz


  1. any advice on caricatures? how did you get started doing them? mine never seem to work out.

  2. Hello Jun,

    I was lucky enough to learn about caricatures from the great C.F. Payne, and also did them as a job for a few summers. One thing that really helped me was forcing myself to do a ton of them, and also roughing out the distinct shape of the head in pencil.